Tadeusz Szeligowski Poznan Philharmonic

announces an audition for the tuba section,

which will be held on the 22nd of May (Wednesday) 2019 from 1:15 p.m.

in the chamber hall in Poznan Philharmonics’ offices located at 81 Św. Marcin street, Poznan.


Audition programme

1. Ralph Vaughan Williams – Tuba Concerto, 1st Movement with Cadenza and 2nd Movement

2. Hector Berlioz – Hungarian March from “The Damnation of Faust”, from No. 4 till the end

3. Hector Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique, 4th Movement from [56] to 4 measures after [57]

4. Gustav Mahler – Symphony No. 1 “Titan”, 3rd Movement (solo)

5. Ottorino Respighi – “Fountains of Rome” from No. 11 to 14

6. Igor Stravinsky – “Petrushka” from No. 100 to 101 (the Bear theme)

7. Paul Hindemith – Symphonic Metamorphosis on the Themes by C. M. von Weber, from L to P

8. Richard Wagner – Overture to “The Mastersingers of Nuremberg”, from J to L


Sheet music to download


Please send the audition entry forms, along with the information whether the candidate comes with his own accompanist, till the 8th of May 2019, to the following address:

Magdalena Śmieszała

Filharmonia Poznańska

ul. Św. Marcin 81

61-808 Poznań


or an electronic version to: with an annotation:

“audition – tuba”

Poznan Philharmonic reserves the right to invite selected candidates.

Poznan Philharmonic ensures a piano accompanist, with whom it will be possible to rehearse before noon on the day of the audition.




Currently, the Poznan Philharmonic is not holding any tenders.